06 September 2011

The Tao of Fashgasm

'The Tao of Fashgasm'

Come to a world where reality and fantasy collide, where the elements merge into something out-of-this-world, where the only inhibition is within and when nothing else makes sense.

Get lost in a crazy adventure, leave fear and doubt behind, because in this realm there are no biases. no discrimination.

Dream of what tomorrow may be, while being completely aware of what is. Forget who you are, just focus on what you can become. Let be the persona in the state of being nonchalantly confident.

The possibilities are endless, just learn to let go...

PH: Kevin Rivera
Design and Stylist: rojiba by ronjigger
MUA: rojiba by ronjigger & Peter A. for himself
Model: Ron Bacas, Estella Dee, Peter Akut

(my editing version)

rojiba by ronjigger

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