26 May 2009


please check this site about EARTH our home...

i have a lot to say to this video actually...
and i believe in the movement as they, WE the humans, believe there is an end to this home we call EARTH.
EARTH's existence was ahead of us, way ahead...
and US who lived in this world decades of years after are abusing its beauty, life and purpose..
we are not the owner of this world but only the developer...
i, who have witnessed the waste of humans as i was once also a destroyer in any way...
but its never late to start again and to inspire others to be with this movement...
we can start in our smallest way...
to save energy..
to refresh everything we have...
to recycle in any way we can...
after all, who are we to destroy it?

25 May 2009

my messenger bag:

-all leather (cow hide)
-with gold leather top handle
-2 front locks
-front flap
-2 side pockets
-with gold bolts and screws
-all self hand-made
-size: 36/10/27 (L/W/H centimeters)

my speedy style bag:

-all black leather (stiffed shiny cow hide)
-with gold bolts and screws embellishments
-zip top
-2 top handles
-shoulder sling
-with leather tassles and a vintage design tag
-with cream visible stitches
-all self hand-made
-size: 36/10/20 (L/W/H centimeters)

my blue suede tote:

-all leather
-dark brown top handles
-silver studs and metals
-2 front pockets
-front lock
-suede leather
-all self hand-made
-size: 38/12/32 (L/W/H centimeters)

my messenger bag:

-all leather (cow hide)
-with lizard leather embellishments
-gold/silver metals
-with top handle
-dark brown body sling
-front lock
-with leather tassle
-size: 40/12/25 (L/W/H centimeters)
-all self hand-made

my shoulder/top handle tote:

-all leather (cow hide)
-2 tones, dark beige and cream
-silver metal embellishments, bolt and screws
-lizard leather front flap
-with 2 leather tassles
-top handles and belt as shoulder sling
-all self hand-made bag
-size: 44/3/38 (L/W/H centimeters )

my blue leather tote:

-all leather (aged calf skin)
-top handles
-gold bolts and screws
-gold metal and stone embellishments
-with 2 front pockets
-all self hand-made
-zip top
-size: 41/14/33 (L/W/H)

my black "myself all hand-made" shopper bag:

-no zipper
-top handles
-shoulder sling
-with gold/silver bolts and screws
-size: 34/10/40 (L/W/H)
-all leather: top is cow hide leather, bottom is soft calf skin leather

23 May 2009

yacht away....

last Thursday, me and my good friend went to sail away...
away from chaos...
away from the world...
away from buzzes..

as the world transformed into peaceful little world....
a world of nobody...
the anger and troubleness fade away as i grunched into a new creature...
the world called the alsmeer lake.....

20 May 2009

to start this with...

being 24 in this foreign land, made me realize the soul in me to inspire others in the mode world...
this start will offer something more from my fashion soul. to give more efforts in the tips, tops and views from my eagle view. to be effortlessly against prejudice...

i hope this site will start something better and something more you can think off.... to have what i can share with you, my readers, and think that this is something..... something to ponder on little things i could show....

my talents, my views, and my dedication in fashion will be shown through.......

more to come......