30 September 2011

elegant andrej

SCHON magazine:

Andrej Pejic of DNA modelling agency glams up in his feminine side dishing out his signature look.
photographed by Christos Karantzolas and styled by Kyle Anderson giving Andrej an assortment of posh looks of Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander Wang and many more.

he just gives me thrills!!!! beautiful!


man with tiara


Simone Nobili being the man in a dark and a melancholic fall/winter editorial.
photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Panos Yiapanis.

this kind of editorial spreads tickles the stylist in me. giving that masculine man with a tiara doesn't seem to make it feminine either yet it makes the man even more manly. from the mixture of prints, color palettes, patterns with hard and soft elements, and that melancholic yet serene setting... royale!

( vogue hommes)


in the name of Karl Lagerfeld, and of Gianni Versace and of John Galliano. Amen!

3 greatness of thy fashion kingdom.

3 great designers in 1 photo, priceless...

( photo via scala regia )

29 September 2011

fetishisistic fall

LOUIS VUITTON fall 2011 campaign

Marc Jacobs - fashion chief designer for the french label starred Gertrud Hegelund, Zuzanna Bijoch, Daphne Groeneveld, Fei Fei Sun and Anais Pouliot for their fall 2011 campaign.

vintage classic cars, cute canines and that sleek fetish theme, perfect!

satisfaction for my campaign addiction!


i want that

i always take a white-shirt-and-jeans-test whenever i see a collection or fashion spreads especially with new runway shows. making sure if a piece would look great with a white shirt or with a pair of jeans....

when i saw this photos over the net for ELLE Hungary, i just can't help but want that Louis Vuitton boots and that corset type belt..... argh!!! i want it now!

that boots would surely kill everybody's tongue even paired with loose white shirt paired with a capri-cut tattered jeans.... plus wear it with that corset type belt.



check that headline

 PONYSTEP : 2nd issue

meet Donatella Versace - the chief designer and the current vice-president of Versace fashion house, Dame Edna Everage - the fictitious character created and performed by Barry Humphries, and Elvira - a famous 80's icon.

this is not 1 traditional covers. yet i cant help but adore it. very catchy! love it!

i just cant ignore how Donatella is taken. hahahaha!
adorable Edna.. love it with all that glitters! wohow!
and that iconic make-up of Elvira. woop!

( ponystep )

27 September 2011

eclectic portrait

NUMERO magazine # 127 issue:
one of my favorite model from Estonia, Karmen Pedaru, takes on the wild fall (2011) looks for the magazine.
fashion editor, Elizabeth Sulcer, selected eclectic looks with a wardrobe of Balmain, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Prada and many more...
photographed by Greg Kadel.

i love how flowers served as a great impact of the mood. argh!


gucci galore

YO DONA: a Spanish publication featuring Gucci.
Ilva Heitman exudes the femme fatale luxury of the  Italian label.
styled by Ellen Mirck with the brand's fall 2011 collection and photographed by the duo Andoni & Arantxa...

aarrrrgh! fashgasmic! i envy the furs and that Harriman's hat! grrrrr!

(source: fashion gone rogue)